Peruvian Coffees


Peruvian coffees have become better and better over the years. Peru has for quite some time been exporting mostly organic coffees - but keep in mind that organic doesn't necessarily mean high quality. As the infrastructure has developed in the country, we've been seeing higher quality coffees in turn. But be careful. Actually, you are probably already very familiar with Peruvian coffee as it's most likely been in many of the "signature" commercial blends you've had. It's often used as a base because of it's more subtle and neutral qualities (and low cost).

But better Peruvian specialty coffee has delicate acidity, is balanced, brings nice chocolate flavors and good body - along with some other nicenuances in the background. We don't have a ton of Peru coffee because a truly exceptional lot is a tough find - and any coffees we have on offer are the result of a lot of cupping/sampling. Peruvian coffees will come from two main areas of the country - the north or the east of Lima (Cuzco - the home of the famous Incan ruins of Machu Picchu being among the eastern coffees).

Fun Facts About Peru:

Capital: Lima
Languages: Spanish
Religions: Roman Catholic 90%; Other 10%
Ethnic Groups: Indigenous 45%, Mixed indigenous-European 37%, European 15%, others 3%
Harvest Seasons: Apr-Sept


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