Mexican Coffees


Mexican coffees are delicate creatures - with interesting flavor nuances and flavors shining through in the best lots (think berries, spices, chocolate, and vanilla). For the most part, the best coffees are going to come from the southern-most region of the country, borderline Guatemala.

A coffee with class

Much of Mexico's coffee is organically certified, as they were one of the pioneers in the organic movement. Mexico consumes over half of its own coffee, but the majority of the best stuff, from the Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Coatepec regions are exported - the US being the largest importer. More often than not, Mexican coffees don't reach out and assault your palate with crazy flavors. Instead, they meld on your tongue with class and sophistication. They bring a hint of exotic smoothness that you won't get with a Costa Rican or Guatemalan.

Fun Facts About Mexico:

Capital: Mexico City
Languages: Spanish, indigenous languages
Religions: Roman Catholic 93%, Protestant 4%, Other 3%
Ethnic Groups: Mixed indigenous-European 60%, indigenous 30%, European 9%, other 1%
Harvest Seasons: Oct-Mar


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