Jamaican Coffee


Jamaican coffee is among the most prized of all coffees in the world. It's expensive and it's hard to get and produced in very low quantities when compared to other coffees around the world. The coffee was brought to Jamaica in 1728 by the then governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is synonymous with Jamaican coffee and it's reputation has been built as a super high-end coffee region for the better part of the 19th and 20th century.

The government steps in

In order to protect the country's Jamaican Blue Mountain brand, the government of Jamaica stepped in to regulate the industry after WWII. Despite regulatory attempts to maintain quality over the years, increased demand and volume has put a strain on quality - and many say that today's JBM isn't as good as years past.

Jamaica's coffee comes from the Blue Mountain region and is grown at about 3000-4000 feet. The Japanese love this coffee and snap up 90% of the coffee produced by Jamaica.

What to expect

Expect superb balance and beautiful acidity from Jamaican coffees. Spice notes, chocolate and nuts can be found in the background with medium to full body.

Fun Facts About Jamaica:

Capital: Kingston
Languages: The official language is English but Patois, a dialect, is widely spoken across the island
Ethnic Groups: African Descent 90.9%, mixed 7.3%, East Indian 1.3%, white 0.2%, Chinese 0.2%
Harvest Seasons: Nov-Mar


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