Honduran Coffees


The challenge of geography

Over 75% of Honduras is mountainous, making it difficult to develop sophisticated coffee infrastructure. The majority of the coffee produced here comes from small shareholders who often have no other choice than to perform the milling of their coffees themselves. This leads to inconsistency in quality - but this is changing. Co-ops often allow a group of farmers to group together and mill in a central location and this benefits the entire community.

What to expect

In general, you'll find Honduran cups to be balanced and mild in nature with nice body, chocolate notes and a nice acidity (for top quality specialty grades). Typically, coffee from Honduras does really well in espresso.

Fun Facts About Honduras:

Capital: Tegucigalpa
Languages: Spanish, Indigenous Languages, English Creole
Religions: Roman Catholic 97%, Protestant 3%
Ethnic Groups: Mixed indigenous-European 90%, Indigenous 7%, African 2%, European 1%
Harvest Seasons: Nov-Mar


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