AeroPress Coffee Maker


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There's no doubt about it, the AeroPress is unique. It uses cooler water, a shorter extraction time, and manually applied pressure to make coffee. And very strong coffee at that. It's not quite as strong as espresso, but yields a similar flavor - and a less bitter one at that. I would venture to say that the final coffee actually has less caffeine, as well, due to the lower temperature and quick extraction. Many of you probably know that espresso actually has only about 70% of the caffeine that a normal pot of coffee has due to how quickly the water is forced through the coffee. Caffeine needs time to be coaxed out.

The AeroPress uses thin paper filters and comes with a year's supply. This keeps the body of your coffee relatively thin and prevents any solids from entering the cup.

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Getting everything in order:

So you have everything you need. The AeroPress, a funnel for adding the ground coffee to the press, your filter pads, the scoop spoon and the stirring spoon. To get started, you need to first add your filter...

Attaching the filter:

The AeroPress comes with a one year's supply of filter pads included. To attach the filter pad, you just need to unscrew the bottom of the AeroPress, pop in the filter and reattach to the main unit.

Adding the grounds:

The next step is to add your ground coffee to the AeroPress. Using the included scooping spoon, measure out one scoop of ground coffee per 5oz cup. The manufacturer recommends a, "drip grind when using two or more scoops because it's easy to push and yields rich flavor. For single-scoop pressings, espresso grind will yield more flavor yet still be easy to push".

Adding water:

Aerobie recommends using water that is between 165 - 175F as they say that this yields a smoother and less bitter cup. The marks on the side of the plunger make adding water to the correct level easy. If you want a stronger cup, add less water - but still within the range of the corresponding mark. For a more mild brew, add more water.

You don't want your coffee to brew like you would in a French Press. Instead, you quickly stir your grounds to ensure complete saturation and then add the plunger.

Pushing down the plunger:

It's then just a matter of attaching the plunger and applying pressure. Slow and steady pressure is all that is required. This process will take about 20 seconds depending on the number of cups you are brewing.

Once the plunger is pushed down, you simply remove the AeroPress from your cup and it's ready to drink! The included scooping spoon can also be used as a convenient espresso measuring cup for dividing up the final brew.


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