Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash

Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash

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Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash gets the results of professional caustic without burning your skin or hands.  Dissolving rapidly in both hot and cold water, Alkaline Brewery Wash works quickly to break down heavy soils and removes even the most stubborn bottle labels.  Great for an overnight soak, but not suggested for use on aluminum.

The biggest difference between this and an Oxygen based cleaner, is the length of time the cleaner will work.  With oxygen based cleaners, as soon as that active oxygen degrades, you are just soaking in dirty water again.  The Alkaline however, will continue to work long after Oxygen based cleaners stop.  If you normally leave a dirty carboy or keg overnight with PBW or OxiClean, the Alkaline Brewery Wash will do that job better.

  • Alkaline wash cleans brew kettles, corny kegs, fermenters, fittings, tubing and bottles
  • Use on glass, plastic and stainless steel
  • Works in hot or cold water and rinses freely
  • No chalky build-up


Fermenters, Fittings, Bottles and Tubing: use 1 oz (2 scoops) per gallon of water.  For heavy soils and brew kettles use 2 oz (4 scoops) per gallon of water.  Spray or immerse surfaces and allow cleaner to loosen soil for 5-20 minutes.  Rinse with clean water and sanitize, if required.

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Like this better than pbw
Jason W on Mar 7, 2023
Tried it, works great!
Robert F on Feb 10, 2023
Like this better than pbw
Jason W on Mar 7, 2023
Keg cleaning.
Eric D on Mar 6, 2023
Tried it, works great!
Robert F on Feb 10, 2023
Got some kegs to clean
Gregory K on Feb 6, 2023
Need it
Mark A Williams on Dec 30, 2022
since my local home-brew shop closed i've been having trouble getting b-brite, giving this a try to see how it compares.
Kevin B on Dec 20, 2022
To clean the juice
Raymond O on Oct 6, 2022
to clean with
DANIEL SCOTT B on Oct 1, 2022
what to check out cold or hot use
The S on Sep 30, 2022
Sanitizing Purposes
Akiva Y S on Sep 20, 2022
I've used it for a long time and I really like it.
Gretchen R on Sep 5, 2022
Mark A Williams on Aug 23, 2022
This cleaner is recommended by spike brewing over PBW because it dissolves in colder water. I use this for my spike brewing products
jamie walkowiak on Jul 22, 2022
stuff has been sitting needs a bath
tom f on Jul 15, 2022
Used before
ROger P on Jun 24, 2022
Cleaning can be a tedious and strenuous task. Looking to save time heating water for PBW
Justin S on May 21, 2022
Works better than anything else.
Janet Piez on May 14, 2022
Supposed to work well on equipment that has been exposed to brettanomyces.
Kevin P on May 9, 2022
Best brewery cleaner made. Period.
Nick Newell on Apr 13, 2022
trying something new
Nancy N on Apr 12, 2022
Mark A Williams on Mar 4, 2022
Promoted by Spike Brewing for cleaning a Flex fermenter.
Merlinus Monroe on Jan 28, 2022
Need to remove more flavor from fermenter
Joel K on Jan 27, 2022
Mark A Williams on Dec 15, 2021
Danny M on Dec 11, 2021
I'm told it works better than PBW at lower temperatures
Gary on Oct 30, 2021
Works well
Jonathan H on Jun 3, 2021
Funky tasting beer. Time to clean.
Thomas Ross on May 10, 2021
Works great
David Lipscomb on May 8, 2021
Great customer service!
Levon P on May 1, 2021
Clean wine bottles
Raymond O on Jan 22, 2021
I had a smaller version that worked really well.
Steve H on Jan 19, 2021
remove labels
Jeremy M on Jan 18, 2021
Giving this a try,I like B-Brite over PBW, but I don't need 5lbs.
Matthew G on Jan 8, 2021
Great for cleaning kegs and carboys.
Joseph Dauria on Jan 7, 2021
Heard about it on Experimental Brewing Podcast
Galen M on Jan 6, 2021
It's a great brewery wash product
Jason W on Jan 5, 2021
good reviews
Gerald D on Dec 18, 2020
Came highly recommended from a friend
Sean Z on Dec 4, 2020
Seemed like a good choice.
BJ B on Nov 26, 2020
for counter-flow chiller
M Wags on Nov 19, 2020
Standard essential
Jeremy Jerome on Nov 11, 2020
Micahael B on Nov 6, 2020
looking for a good cleaner
Jason C on Oct 24, 2020
Cheaper to buy in bulk.
Steve S on Sep 8, 2020
my preferred brewery cleanser
Logan M L on Sep 3, 2020
I ran out of it. This ensures that I have less work to done after brewing (lets face it I normally clean the day*cough week* after
nic Rice on Sep 2, 2020
Easier to use than, and just as good as, PBW
Keith M on Aug 18, 2020
Great for cleaning crud from grill and smoker racks.
Elton S on Aug 13, 2020
This is one of the best cleaners I have ever used. It works better for me than oxyclean or PBW.
Kenneth S on Aug 3, 2020
Keg cleaning.
Eric D on Mar 6, 2023
Got some kegs to clean
Gregory K on Feb 6, 2023
Can I use this on copper equipment like counter-flow chillers?
M Wags on Jan 18, 2021
BEST ANSWER: You can use this on copper equipment, however you will want to limit the contact time to 30 minutes or less just to make sure it doesn't damage your equipment. A wash with this then a rinse with an acid sanitizer will get your copper clean, shiny, and red again. Cheers!
Can this be used on plastic carboys?
Mark Eckenrode on Nov 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I’ve used it on my plastic better bottles and was fantastic. Really was a no scrub solution. I’ve since switched to a stainless fermenter and cannot attest to any issues with longevity.

4.8 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Nothing short of miraculous
This has changed my brew days completely! A truly no-scrub solution! I haven't touched my brushes since I started using this.

Carboys? No problem. Just swish it around, rinse, and you're done! Have a CIP setup? Then this is a no-brainer.

This works well even at room temperature, but works extremely well with hot water. I love this stuff!
February 23, 2024
Rated 5 out of 5
Favorite cleaner
Fantastic cleaner. Works as described, incredibly soluble, easy to rinse away.
August 3, 2022
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Cleanes great and rinses easily.
March 22, 2022
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Quick detergent
A must have in the home brewery.
January 18, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The larger the amount the cheaper it is
January 8, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Can I use this on copper wort chiller
I bought this because I had heard it was safe for copper counterflow wort chillers. But does not indicate that is so on the container or on the manufacturer's website (nor does it say it is not safe). I contacted the manufacturer by email asking about use on copper but received no reply. I can use on stainless, but that was not the intent. Does anyone know (with certainty) if it is safe to use this on copper? If so, I'll change rating to 5 stars.
December 17, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great stuff
Best cleaner I have used. Easily blows away pbw and oxiclean. I use this with a new CIP ball and chugged pump. It takes care of it without any scrubbing. Amazing.
June 2, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works well with cold water.
May 18, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I'm Never Going Back to the Old Stuff
It is a great cold and hot water solution! Cleans better and without a waterline and film in whatever you are cleaning (bottles, kettles, etc.).

I get several multi cleans with this solution whereas with oxygenated products, it is one and done. I should have switched to this long ago!
October 16, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Best cleaner
I've used them all and I can say that this one is by far my favorite. It will dissolve in any temp of water just fine and does a really thorough job cleaning the equipment. Highly recommend!
September 12, 2019
over 4 years ago