Pliny the Elder is #1!


Once Again, Pliny the Elder is Voted #1
Voted by Members of the American Homebrewers Association, Pliny the Elder Defends its Title!

We've known for a long time now that Pliny the Elder is one of the best Double IPAs available in, well, the world.  What we didn't know was that members of the American Homebrewers Association feel that it's the best beer, in general, in America: Five Years In a Row.
On page 24 of the July/August issue of Zymurgy (Volume 36 | No. 4), here's what Jill Redding from Zymurgy had to say:
"For the fifth straight year, Russian River's Pliny the Elder is the gold standard for the best beers commercially available in the United States, as chosen by members of the American Homebrewers Association, who could vote for up to 20 of their favorite beers in an online poll."  
When she asked Vinnie Cilurzo (Owner and Head Brewer at Russian River Brewing Company) about this, he responded with:
"Getting the homebrewers' vote is important, because that's how I started."

"They make beer, they're brewers, they know what good is.  It's incredibly flattering that homebrewers love the beer like that."

If you'd like to see what the hype is all about, why not try brewing the best beer in America yourself!  To read more about our exclusive Pliny the Elder ingredient kit, click here!

So cheers to the entire Russian River Brewing Company staff on another job very well done!  Thank you for all that you've done in both craft and home brewing.  

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) and Zymurgy for all that they've done and continue to do.  If you're interested in joining the AHA, we invite you to place a  one-year membership card on your next order.  On top of numerous other benefits, you'll receive one free year of Zymurgy, and will get to be a part of next years vote for the best beer in America!



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