Costa Rican Coffee


Costa Rica got its start as a coffee producing nation in 1854 when some English businessmen decided to take on the task of developing the coffee infrastructure with the goal of exporting coffee directly to England. It's since grown to something much more significant and is now producing some of the best quality coffee in the world.

Two regions of spectacular coffees

Although Costa Rica has several coffee producing regions stretching all the way down to its southern tip, the best coffees come from the Tarrazu and Tres Rios regions in the northern half of the country. Tarrazu coffees are produced at altitudes of 3,950ft and 5,590ft and are designated as a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). Tres Rios coffees are grown at similar elevations, about 3950ft to 5,430ft.

"Clear as a bell"

Costa Rica has some of the most technologically advanced processing in the world - all coffees are meticulously wet processed so that only very clean and balanced coffees are produced. The flip side to this is that sometimes, Costa Rican coffees can be a little too perfect - lacking the wild and exotic notes of African or Asian coffees. But at their best (which we only offer here), you get resonant "clear as a bell", sparkling gems with good balanced body, chocolate notes, and tangy/spicy sweetness and acidity year after year. With these coffees you can't go wrong and they are always crowd pleasers.

Fun Facts About Costa Rica:

Capital: San Jose
Languages: Spanish, English
Religions: Roman Catholic 95%, Other 5%
Ethnic Groups: Mixed indigenous-European 96%, African 2%, indigenous 1%, Chinese 1%
Harvest Seasons: Dec-Mar


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