Coffees From Panama


Panama lies on a skinny land mass smack in the middle of Colombia and Costa Rica. Actually, Panama was part of Colombia until 1903. Most of the country lies below 2,300 feet and swelters in tropical heat, but the coffee is grown well above the hot parts of the country, high up in the mountains of the Boquete region (as well as a few smaller and lesser known areas like David, Remacimeinto, Tole and Bugaba).

Although the country is more famous for its canal than its coffee, that doesn't mean the coffee isn't incredible. Panamanian coffee is well known for its extraordinary balance and cleanness in flavor - similar to Costa Rican coffee in the cup. Like Costa Rican coffees, Panamanian cups aren't going to blow you over with the complexity of an Ethiopian coffee...rather, the bright acid, unique (and more tame) flavors, and smoothness are more their strong suit.

Fun Facts About Panama:

Capital: Panama
Languages: Spanish, English
Religions: Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant 15%
Ethnic Groups: Mixed Indigenous-European 70%, African 14%, European 10%, Indigenous 6%
Harvest Seasons: Oct.-Mar.


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