Coffee Cupping


Cupping Coffee is the way professional coffee tasters preapre and taste coffee.  But cupping doesn't have to be limited to the professionals... it's an awesome way to bring your coffee tasting, selection, and knowledge to a whole new level. Try it out on your latest favorite! There are many ways to cup, and while none is 100% correct. Here's our basic process here at MoreCoffee!

What you need: Hot water, fresh roasted coffee (rested at least 12ish hours), cupping cups, spoon, and another vessel with water to rinse your spoon in.


Cupping Coffee - Step-by-Step

1. Heat water to just off boil (195-200ish)

2. Grind your coffee to roughly the consistency you would use for drip coffee. (We use 11.25 grams per cup, the more widely accepted amount is usually 7.25 grams)

3. Smell the grinds - you can generally smell some of the varietal character of the coffee even at this point. You may also smell overly grassy coffee (from under roasting or defects).

4. Pour hot water over the grinds. Make sure to try and get every part of the grind wet. If you're doing multiple cups, try to use the same amount of water on each.

5. Give each cup a couple of short sniffs.  (Long sniffs confuse the brain)

6. Breaking the Crust. Using a spoon, scoop into the coffee twice, with your nose right on top of the cup. Use the spoon to direct the flow of vapors into your nose. Record your thoughts.

7. After the coffee has cooled sufficiently, use the spoon to take a small sample. Slurp the coffee as loud and hard as possible to help aerate your palate and carry the aromas up into your nose. Record your thoughts.

The 5 elements of coffee to focus on are:

Most of all... remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

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