Brazilian Coffees


Brazil happens to be the largest coffee producer in the world, in addition to being the largest country in South America (and the 5th largest in the world, as a matter of fact).

Not just any Brazilian bean will do

The vast majority of the coffee coming out of Brazil isn't even worth a glance - it's mass produced on large plantations with huge machines and sold to companies like Nestle for their cheap instant coffees or to commercial roasters as generic low-impact blends. But the best Brazils are highly sought after.

Smooth, nutty, light and delicate - these beans have a mild acidity and great overall profile. Opposite to most Central and South Americans where high-grown (and denser) beans are considered the best, the most expensive Brazils are low-grown, with Strictly Soft Bean being the highest grade.

Fun Facts About Brazil:

Capital: Brasilia
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French
Religions: Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 7%, other 4%
Ethnic Groups: European 55%, Mixed European-Africa 38%, African 6%, other 1%
Harvest Seasons: Apr-Sept


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