Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is located on the eastern half of the island New Guinea, which it shares with Indonesia. The island itself is home to several hundred tribal groups - each with its own distinct language and customs. Coffee is produced by either large estates, or small farmers who group together in co-ops (many of which are organically certified) to process their own coffee. This can lead to inconsistent lots with coffees as a whole coming from the island, but quite a few systems are put into place to ensure that only the best of the best makes its way to North American ports and eventually into your cup.

Vibrant and rich with good complexity.

Papua New Guinea coffee has been described as Sumatra meets Costa Rica for its fullness, spicy edge and clean profile. Expect a vibrant and rich cup, with low-key but excellent acidity, good body, and a complex nose in the cup.

Fun Facts About Papua New Guinea:

Capital: Port Moresby
Languages: English, Pidgin, Motu, and about 750 indigenous languages
Religions: Protestant 44%, indigenous beliefs 34%, Roman Catholic 22%
Ethnic Groups: New Guinea Papuan 84%; Polynesian, Chinese, European and other 16%
Harvest Seasons: Apr-Sep


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