Darren Schleth, CMO/CO-Founder

Our Chief Manufacturing & Production Officer Darren oversees our Packaging Warehouse and our Metal Fabrication Shop. That means Darren is in charge of anything that is packaged in a bag or container and anything that is welded, bent, formed, or assembled.

Darren is Olin's brother, and helped us start out as Beer, Beer & More Beer™ back in 1995.  It was Darren's shed that we first set up "shop" in. Since coming on board full-time around 2004, Darren has put his mechanically inclined super brain to work in our Metal Shop, overseeing all fabrication of our BrewSculptures™, Stainless Conicals, and anything else that needs a weld or a bend in it. 

At Darren's home, he brews on a MoreBeer! 2100, testing out new improvements and ideas in his backyard, right next to our old shop. When you talk with Darren about your project or BrewSculpture you are talking to the person who builds and uses them.  When there is no metal to be dealt with or beer to be made, Darren enjoys taking his family out on the boat in the California Delta and relaxing on the water ... 



Darren Schleth

  • Avid home beer maker
  • 3-6 beers always on tap at home!
  • MoreBeer!’s original fabrication welder
  • Developed much of the original tooling and systems for our professional fabrication shop
  • Answers customer questions about our BrewSculptures ™ & Conicals
  • Head of our Research & Development Team
  • Brews on the ultimate test brewery, a fully decked out 1100 Brewsculpture and 14 Gallon MoreBeer!™ Ultimate Cooled Conical
  • Designed our Bavarian & Italian themed Concord showroom
  • Favorite beer to brew... our Russian River Pliny the Elder kit of course
  • Built and pulled the famous 20' Tikit Hut bar through Bay to Breakers race for 10 years
  • Loves to drive his tractors, his full on wood chipper, Man Lift and a host of other machinery at this house