Rob Arbagey, Showroom Manager Riverside, CA

Rob has been working with MoreBeer! since 2001! He is still just as excited about home brewing and gets in at least a couple batches a month. If you live in the Riverside area you can brew with Rob at any of his twice monthly brewing demonstrations. His favorite beer to brew is an IPA.   

Rob graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science but plans to continue his education at the UC Davis brewing school. He aspires to someday open his own brewery. When he's not making beer, most likely you'll find him researching and trading stocks or watching sports. Somehow he convinced his wife to have two 65" side-by-side tv's in their living room to catch all the fall football action. Rob is also proud to root for the Oakland Raiders!


Rob Arbagey

  • Avid home beer maker, wine maker, and coffee roaster
  • Represents MoreBeer! at the Southern Calfornia Homebrew Festival since 2003
  • Responsiable for all aspects of customer service our Riverside store, including technical brewing, winemaking ad coffee roasting questions
  • Stock market junkie!
  • Football player and Raiders fan
  • Hiker
  • Welder
  • Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from UC Riverside
  • Favorite beer to brew...West Coast IPA and Pale Ale