Chris Graham, President

Chris is our President, IT Mastermind and busiest Industry Representative.  Chris joined then Beer, Beer & More Beer as a partner in 1997 and has been bringing his unique hands on homebrewing experience, technology passion, and business savvy every day since.

He has been homebrewing for over 19 years and worked at three homebrew shops while attending the University of Oregon and later during his first 'real' job with NCR. He is also an avid coffee roaster and has considerable experience with winemaking being a partner in our winery.

in addtion to putting in a lot of hours at work Chris keeps busy in the homebrewing industry!  He teaches every year at the  the Advanced Homebrewing class at the Siebel Brewing School in Colorado where he demonstrates all-grain brew on Siebel's 1550 BrewSculpture. He also sits on the Brewers Association's Board of Directors AND the American Homebrewers Association's Governing Council. You can also meet Chris at the National Homebrewer's Conference and the Craft Brewer's Conference. He truly is a homebrewer at heart!


Chris Graham

  • Avid home wine maker, coffee roaster, beer maker, and mead maker with 19 years experience
  • Siebel Institute instructor for Advanced Home Brewing Course
  • Helps to plan and coordinates our company's succesful growth
  • Worked in four different homebrew/homewine shops while going through schooling
  • Conducts brewing classes and also instructs one-on-one on how to set-up and use ultra high-end home breweries
  • Has sat on: AHA Governing Council and the Brewers Association Board of Advisors
  • Sharks Hockey Fan
  • Fly Fisherman
  • Mountain Biker  He wishes, now a Father of Twins
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Entrepreneurship, University of Oregon
  • Favorite beer to brew...Bohemian Pilsner