Genny Blewett, Marketing Awesomeness

Has been with us since 2003 starting as our fulfillment manager. She's now in charge of all in-house graphics and marketing materials, including our catalogs.

Genny runs our graphics/marketing department - she puts ads together in Zymurgy and Brew Your Own, as well as any flyers we may need.  Our  catalogs are managed by her, and she is responsible for the layout and design of both. Genny is the only person we know with her own personal 800 number!


Genny Blewett

  • Responsible for creating our catalogs, advertising, web graphics, promotional flyers, product manuals & instructions, and so much more! You name it, she makes it!
  • MoreBeer! Team Member since 2003
  • Responsible for our social network content & planning
  • Favorite beer to drink: Brown Ales, IPA's, and Anything Sours
  • Pez collectoer since 1985
  • Product photographer
  • Loves to ride bikes...but not up hill.
  • All around goof ball
  • If you dont have anything nice to say...say it Genny