Olin Schultz, CEO/Founder

Olin started MoreFlavor!™ as Beer, Beer, & More Beer™  in 1995.  At that time, he was borrowing space in his brothers 10x10 shed for grains, and pouring malt from drums in the garage (even back then Olin knew the importance of fresh malt extract!).  A few years later he made the jump to a full retail space and we were off!  Now, Olin keeps himself busy impersonating a CEO and is responsible for all sorts of fun tasks. He has now been brewing beer for over 20 years and making wine for over 15 years. He remains passionate about the creative process and makes serveral batches a year.

When he is not at MoreFlavor! you might find him boating with his wife and three kids somewhere in the California Delta, fly fishing a random river in Northern California, or cycling on his lunch break.  Either way, he is sure to have (or wishes for) a pint of Malty Brown Ale in his hand - Olin's signature kit!


Olin Schultz

  • Home beer maker & coffee roaster, professional wine maker
  • Does not discriminate between his love of different beverages!
  • BJCP Certified Beer Judge
  • Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders fan
  • Passionate about great flavor
  • Plans and coordinates our companys successful 20 year growth
  • Avid Mountain Biker, Fly Fishmerman, loves wake boarding and wake surfing, snow skiier, and gets in some lunch time road biking
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Finance, Long Beach State University, California

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