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The *New* Behmor 1600 Home Coffee Roaster is here!

Check out the latest and the greatest in home roasters - the Behmor 1600 Drum Roaster does a pound at a time and has smoke reduction technology!

Casey picks coffee in Sumatra
Casey "The Coffee Guy" shares his thoughts:

I've been toying around with this roaster for the better part of a month now and I'm really digging it. I've been waiting for a roaster that could do a pound at a time (as you can imagine, I drink a lot of coffee!) and also something that is quiet and not so smoky. The Behmor does all that and I think it looks like something that belongs on the counter-top!

Why this roaster rocks the house!
Roast 1/2lb and 1lb batches (or less) with ease
Patented smoke reduction technology
Super quiet - you can hear the 1st/2nd cracks perfectly
Not ridiculously expensive for a roaster at $299 retail
As a drum roaster, it emphasizes complexity in the bean (air roasters emphasize high notes/brightness)
Things that maybe don't rock the house so much
Not all the chaff gets collected in the collection tray (inside the chamber). A small el-cheapo hand vacuum will do the trick just fine for clean-up inside the roaster, although a brush is included in the box.
At a French Roast for 1/2lb and above, this roaster will make some smoke. But nothing compared to some of the other roasters out there.
It's voltage dependent - If your house has old wiring, you may not be able to do a full pound at a super dark roast. You may need to cut back a few ounces...but that's not that big a deal. This is true for all home roasters though.
Price point? $300 is not super cheap. But even then, the roaster will pay for itself after about 50-75 lbs.

Final thoughts

All that having been said, I will get one of these guys myself for home when they arrive. In my opinion, the Behmor 1600 answers all the prayers of home roasters everywhere - we've been waiting for something like this for years!

Download the user's manual to learn more!

Visit the manufacturer's website!

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